What is CyberFusion™?


Cybersecurity concerns permeate the entire business community, but for small businesses, cyber-crime presents a particularly malicious threat. Small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are the principal targets of cybercrime, with 74% of SMBs expected to be hacked at least once. This happens for one simple reason: SMBs and larger organizations face the same threat landscape, but SMBs have far fewer resources with which to protect themselves, making them a more vulnerable and lucrative target.

To effectively protect their organizations, SMBs should embrace a prevention-first strategy. Burdened by limited IT resources and budgets, SMBs require an effective, central control system that prevents cyber-attacks, rather than a myriad of tools that detect malicious activity post-attack and ultimately depend on human intervention to contain the damage.

The Rocus CyberFusion™ platform provides enterprise-class, prevention-based security solutions at an affordable price for SMB clients. CyberFusion™ offers best-in-class enterprise security tools to the SMB market, without the high costs of procurement, deployment, and maintenance that typically accompanies such solutions.

Our platform leverages cloud-based technologies enabling it to be highly scalable, allowing you to add additional users and services as needed without purchasing additional hardware. Our CyberFusion™ platform is also flexible, allowing you to add services as your business requirements change. Finally, our modular design allows your organization to deploy new technologies designed to combat the newest or most pervasive threats.

At Rocus Networks, we focus on one thing: IT security. Our managed services continuously monitor both the threat landscape and emerging technologies in order to provide you, our customer, with optimized technology solutions. Our software and cloud-based CyberFusion™ platform allows new features and controls to be easily and quickly deployed to keep your organization, your data, and your employees safe.

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