Partner News: Phishing Awareness Training Companies Consolidate

Interesting blog post by one of our technology partners, Ironscales, about the market changing due to the need for a more "holistic and integrated approach to phishing mitigation." Advanced threats require better, more comprehensive phishing awareness tools.

EYAL BENISHTI | 2018 Feb 8


Phishing Awareness Training Solutions

Phishing Awareness Training focused solutions are not aligned with today’s advanced persistent threats, business email compromise and ransomware attacks that require a more holistic and integrated approach to phishing mitigation.

 Last November I was asked to make a couple of cybersecurity predictions for 2018, and while it’s only February, it sure appears that one of my primary predictions hit the nail on the head:

Sensing the frustration of their customers and realizing how complex phishing emails have become, both secure email gateway and computer-based employee awareness and training program providers will accelerate the consolidation of their respected market sectors through mergers and acquisitions that can cover gaps in their existing services and solutions such as automation and orchestration.”

See the full post:

Phishing Awareness Training Companies Consolidate as Organizations Demand Comprehensive Email Security Protections