Higher Education Breach Lessons Learned

David Furr

David Furr, a member of the Rocus Networks Board of Advisors, recently sat down with Erin Gore, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo, to discuss challenges facing higher education institutions in regards to cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.  In the podcast, David discussed the 2017 breach that happened at the University of New Mexico Foundation where personally identifiable information (PII) of over 22,000 donors, alumni, and staff was compromised.  This breach served as a warning call to other higher education institutions that it's not just faculty and students at risk from cyber-crime; the wealthy donors who are the lifeblood of institutional endowments can also be significantly impacted by security breaches.

We'll be releasing a white paper diving into the UNMF breach and the challenges (and opportunities) facing higher education institutions.  In the meantime, check out David's appearance on the Wells Fargo Government & Institutional Banking Insights podcast.